Turn your family photos into holiday gifts! | San Diego Family Photographer

You’ve taken your family photos, you’ve made your holiday cards…now what? Don’t let those images sit on your computer collecting digital dust- make fun gifts with your photos for your family to enjoy! I’ve listed my family’s favorites below. You NEED some of these in your life, and if you are like me, you don’t have time to put together photo books! Plus, I love surprising my family with photo gifts that aren’t your typical photo book! 

#1 Favorite among my extended family: Photo Coasters!

Make a set of 4 coasters using a different image for each one. My mother loves her coasters so much she requests updated sets each year. Guests always comment on them and the grandkids love looking at them when they visit. 

#2 Calendars 

Calendars have been a hit with my grandmother and each year she looks forward to a new one under her Christmas tree. It makes my life easy because I don’t have to think of something NEW to give her, as she’s told me she will be upset if I don’t make her one each year. 

# 3 Brag Books

Don’t know what to get that grandfather who doesn’t want knick knacks, but would still appreciate some photos of his grandkids? Look no further- Pinhole press makes a gorgeous accordion brag book [with leather covers!] Gramps can show off his grandkids to his friends, but keep his home clutter-free. 

#4 Memory Game

Another Pinhole Press gem! I gifted this game to grandparents last year [they needed more games for the kids at their house]. The grandkids love playing this particular memory game because they are matching pictures of our family! 

# 5 Christmas ornament

Each year I make an ornament using my favorite family photo from the year. I keep this for our family and my boys love decorating our tree and looking at the different ornaments I’ve made over the past 5 years. Shutterfly has so many different types of ornaments to choose from: metal, glass, wood, and paper. I’ve mixed up the type of ornament each year and love the variety. My sister makes a wooden block ornament each year and I love that hers are all the same shape and material but the photos change every year. You really can’t go wrong! 

I hope this list helps you surprise your loved ones this holiday season, and gets those family photos used in new ways you haven't tried before. 

Cheers! 🍻😻💚