Van Dusen Family of Four | Fresh 48 Hospital Photography | San Diego Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

When Laura asked if I would photograph her sons meeting for the first time at San Diego's Scripps La Jolla hospital, I jumped at the chance! Fresh 48 photography sessions are an obsession of mine!

Big bro entered the room excited but stoic. You could see his facial expressions change as he starts to comprehend what is going on. His grin was infectious as he asked to hold his new baby brother. He was so gentle and careful with him, it was awesome to see him instantly take on his role as protective big brother. 

A few moments later Mama was feeding the baby, big brother was playing quietly at the end of her bed, and Dad sat close by. The initial excitement had died down, the room fell silent and I said "Um, how are you making this look SO easy?!" I don't know about anyone else out there, but my memories of having a 2nd baby never felt quiet or relaxed!

This family's beautiful bond and mellow demeanor is always a pleasure to witness. Thank you Van Dusen family for inviting me to capture this special moment of your lives!