Adventures with cousins on a San Diego vacation!


How many cousins do you have? Are they close in age to you? Do you live near each other?⠀
Growing up I had 18 cousins and nothing was more fun than getting together and wreaking havoc with the cousins close in age to me (which was almost all of them). We’ve never lived in the same city but I’m still hopeful someday that may change. 🤷🏼🤞🏻(hint hint Andrew + Jessica!) I feel a special bond with my cousins because we share some special memories, especially the ones that involve our grandparents- may they rest in peace.💚 ⠀
At extended family sessions the cousins-only photos are some of my favorite- because when we get all the cousins together they get these sly little smiles, and mischievous giggles. It brings me right back to my youth.😉

These cuties were vacationing in San Diego and we had the best time romping around Marian Bear Park with their parents and grandmother. I cherish photos of me and my grandparents, and I am so glad I could capture some special memories for these sweet kids.