This is Lifestyle Photography! | Family day at the beach! | San Diego Lifestyle Family Photographer | Encinitas, California

When you live in San Diego and your favorite thing to do as a family is enjoy the beach together, it is the perfect place for a photographer to tagalong and capture some memories for you! This is the beauty of lifestyle photography- capturing your everyday life with the people you love the most. 

I started my morning with the Schmidt family at their favorite beach. Having lived in San Diego most of my life and visited most of the beaches on our coast, I was excited to visit a spot that was new to me. Encinitas' Grandview beach was spectacular and the perfect location for this lifestyle shoot because the Schmidt family visits this spot on the regular to splash and surf. Their vibe: relaxed and silly. My vibe: perma-smile from watching them have fun. That's what makes lifestyle photography sessions so easy: our focus is having fun. The Schmidt family nailed it and I'm in love with this collection.