Give me all your day date ideas!


The hubs and I got to enjoy a day date today for the first time since June and it was awesome! We didn't do anything earth shattering, but it was just nice to have quality time together- just the two of us.😻 ⠀
With our kids in elementary school, and the hubs having some weekdays off, we try to have a standing weekly day-date.💚⠀
Last year we ending up trying a few of local SD breweries [hello we live in the #craftbrewcapital 🍻].⠀
This year I want to hike the #5peakchallenge in Mission Trails. But chances are we'll end up at more breweries.🤣🤷🏼⠀
I'd love to hear your favorite day date ideas!! I'll even let you know if we try your idea. 😄