Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Documenting your first days home with your new baby.

Mother and father’s hands on newborn baby in San Diego.

I know bringing home a newborn is a HUGE transition for everyone involved.

Baby's learning how to be out in the world. Parents are navigating caring for this new human [and doing so without much sleep]. 😳😴⠀
It's such a crazy time- but one that you won't regret documenting. 😻📷⠀
I make my lifestyle newborn sessions as relaxed and easy as possible for your family.💚
You'll be holding, feeding, swaddling, soothing, and loving on your baby. All things you'd be doing anyway, I'm just there capturing memories of it for you. ⠀
When your baby isn't a baby anymore you'll look back on these photos as a window into one of the most special times in your life. 👶🏻😻💚