McDaniel Family of Four | Encinitas Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | San Diego Family Photography

Kay and Cory are a fun-loving, adventurous couple who have traveled the world together. Having their first baby didn't slow them down; they simply packed an extra bag and took her along on their adventures. Not even 2 years old and their daughter has more passport stamps then many grown adults!

The McDaniel family embarked on their newest adventure last month when they welcomed baby number 2! They took a break from traveling the globe and invited me to their Encinitas home for a lifestyle newborn session. I love documenting brand new babies because they are teeny tiny, and they don't stay small for long! They stay super sleepy throughout our session and go along with whatever we are doing. But my favorite thing about photographing a newborn session is capturing each family member's expression as they cuddle and admire their newest love. 

If you've never had a lifestyle newborn session and are considering it, you should click here and read my blog post detailing what you can expect from my newborn sessions.  The McDaniel family shoot was just as I planned: mellow, and enjoyable for all. The end result was a fun  couple hours hanging out with friends, and some beautiful photos to remember this special time of their lives. The cherry on top was having one of the images from this shoot featured by The Bump!  🎉💚😻