Thank goodness they met in the elevator at work! | Happy Anniversary Mom + Dad | San Diego Family Photographer


My Dad’s advice when I was getting married: “Treat him as your very best friend.” My parents have lived that way for 44 years and I am so proud of the marriage they have built. ⠀⠀
Two totally different people who balance each other out beautifully. They taught my sisters and I to value family above all else, to be independent, caring, and to live life with integrity. They have more strength and grace than anyone I know.
I guess you could say I’m happy they met in an elevator that fateful day back in the 1973. I’m thankful they decided to get married and have a family. I feel lucky to be their daughter, and wouldn’t trade them for anyone or anything in the entire world.
Happy Anniversary Mom + Dad!

Christine Dammann3 Comments