Thank you San Diego lifeguards!


I first tried surfing when I was 15 years old. A friend took a few of us to the beach, rented boards, and after a short lesson on the sand we paddled out together. 🏄🏼 It was fun until I started drifting further and further away from my friends. 😳I grew increasingly nervous and kept trying to paddle and swim against the current to get back to my group. Unsuccessful, I started to panic and my friends flagged down a lifeguard. When he got to me I was embarrassed and exhausted, but beyond thankful for some help getting back to shore.😅⠀
10 years later I met my husband- and guess what? He was that lifeguard! 🙀⠀
[JK but wouldn’t that be a great story??!]⠀
While he isn't the lifeguard that rescued 15 year old me, he IS a lifeguard, and has helped more people than he could count- as its an everyday occurrence for the men and women in the lifeguard service. To him it’s just another day on the job. But to panicked people in the water it’s a huge relief! ⠀
I have so much respect for the brave men and women who choose to protect the public at our beaches. The occasional lifeguard tower in my feed is more than just another photo-it’s a nod of appreciation for my husband and all the lifeguards out there. 😻