A day in my life. | San Diego Family Photographer | Christine Dammann Photography

San Diego Family Photographer Christine Dammann

Is there a such thing as an average day in your life? ⏰I generally start my mornings being woken up by someone yelling from the bathroom for me to wipe them [don't be jealous]. 🚽Then I stumble out to the kitchen to sip coffee ☕️ [this is MANDATORY!] while my kiddos eat breakfast and my amazing husband makes their lunches 😻 [love him for that]. I usually scramble to look some-what human for school drop off and then proceed to have the daily conversation with my boys that they "are indeed going to school so please PUT YOUR SHOES ON". Post drop off my day is peaceful while I work in total silence at home, attempt to clean something around the house, run errands, and workout. 🏃🏼‍♀️I always have a to-do list although it's rare I get EVERYTHING done [but really, who does??]. I look forward to picking up my boys in the afternoon and having quality time together💚. But the reality is: I pick them up and have to suffer through 30 minutes of my 5 year old being emotional, irrational, and exhausted. 😒[Who knew TK could take that much out of you??] But we re-group, refuel, and make the most of our afternoons playing games, reading books together, and having dance parties. 🤪🤗I feed the little crazies dinner, get them to bed EARLY [Yes, I am the mom that puts them to bed before 7pm]. Then I put in a few more hours of work. 💻 9 times out of 10 I stay up WAY too late-making that early morning wake up call [to wipe someone's butt, remember?] rougher than it would be if I would just go to bed at a decent hour! 🙀But hey, I'm far from perfect and I'm ok with that. 😹My day-to-day life isn't all that exciting but I wouldn't change a thing. 😁 Is your daily routine consistent? Is there one habit you can’t miss, without feeling out of sorts?
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