San Diego's funniest family! | Schwarz Family | Spruce Street Bridge | San Diego Family Photographer

I look forward to my session with the Schwarz family each year because they have me laughing the entire time.😹 If you already know them- you totally understand. If you don't know them yet- I'm sorry, but hopefully you'll have the opportunity soon, because you're really missing out! 

Over the years we've had their family photography sessions all over San Diego. This year we kept it easy and got some shots close to home- like in their back yard and around their block. I am IN LOVE with their charming, historic San Diego neighborhood and may even try to move into their back yard playhouse just so I can call their neighborhood home. Plus, isn't it the most adorable playhouse you've ever seen! 😻

Shannon and I went to high school together and she is one of the first people to encourage me and support me on my dream of being a professional photographer. I've been lucky enough to watch her and Andrew's beautiful girls grow up in front of my camera. I never get tired of photographing those beautiful brown eyes, sweet smiles, and amazing hair! And can we take a moment to talk about this family's style??? If you need a personal stylist [and let's face it, who doesn't?] don't walk- RUN over to Bloomingdales and ask for Shannon. Tell her I sent you. 💚😄