The time I tried to eat a sand crab... | Kohl Family | Pacific Beach | San Diego Family Photographer

I've been photographing this family in San Diego since these kids were babies. They always provide the perfect combination of silliness and fun. They know how to be natural in front of my camera, and it doesn't hurt that they are beyond gorgeous. This year we played at Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach for their family photos. The weather was overcast and PERFECT for a morning romp in the ocean waves. I had so much fun putting this collection together- I was laughing out loud at some of the silly faces these kids were making AND I was reminded I accidentally tossed a sand crab in my mouth!! [I was trying to pretend to eat one!!! 🙊🤢😹 It was gross AND embarrassing! LOL] Thank you for another amazing and memorable shoot Kohl family!!! I can't wait for the next one. 😻💚