Don't blink! They grow up fast!


Are you like me in that every time you are holding or hugging your kiddos you are in awe of how big they are? 🤗😱The other day my 5 year old was in my lap and his legs were dangling down over mine. As he sat on me taking up my entire lap [and then some!] I couldn't help but think about years when he was smaller. 😭How does time move so quickly?! I close my eyes and can feel when he was as tiny as this sweet boy in his Daddy's arms😻. ⠀
I try not to get sad, because in 10-15 years he will likely be bigger than me, so I need to continue to savor every hug and cuddle. But seriously- how do people cope?! 🤔lol I don't remember my mom being sad about me growing up and getting bigger, do you?? Maybe mine just hid it well. 🤷🏼‍♀️