My perfect day


Hello there! 🙋🏼I’m Christine, a family photographer from San Diego and I do what I do because I love challenging my creativity behind the lens, and capturing moments in people’s lives.📷💚😻 ⠀
My perfect day would involve a family outing to the beach⛱ to make drip castles, search for sea shells🐚, and watch my boys surf with their dad.🏄🏽 😻 [See my last post if you're wondering if I surf myself!😳] We'd catch a bite to eat on the way home [bc I can cook but don't really want to😂], put the kids to bed, and then curl up for a movie on the couch with the hubs. I'm an extroverted homebody most of the time and not ashamed of it. 😎So that’s me in a nutshell. Tell me about your perfect day!⠀
📷: Tarah Sweeney